GF Cooking and Baking

Since our genetics discussion seems to have morphed into a cooking discussion, I thought it would be fun to have a topic to discuss that. We could even add a breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, dinner ideas. etc. as topics. It would be nice to have somewhere to go when you have to cook and have no ideas. The one undeniable fact about our disease is that we have to cook and usually from scratch. No more can of cream of chicken soup poured over rice and chicken and baked in the oven. On the bright side, we’re saving a lot of sodium by not using that soup. At anyrate, my son’s girlfriend wants fajitas tomorrow night for her birthday dinner! I tried to tell her the corn tortillas were too small and the brown rice ones kinda get hard and crunchy but she doesn’t care! Oh well, wish me luck!

Northern Virginia
positive blood work
Positive for celiac gene
gf as of March 2004
very sensitive and will react to even a trace of gluten

I think adding breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas is a GREAT idea!!!

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