Give Life a Chance

When you think of HIV/AIDS what comes to mind at first? And we all were hit with the same thought , " My life is over!’ Then in time we realize that that fact no longer holds true. It’s been 25 years since it was first discovered. Yet we still view our lives as over till this day. And we fall into that mindset. We accept living on the system , how else can we get by now . Geeze with the cost of meds and doctors and we can’t live and work as we use to. But my friends that is soooo far from what we can have and what we can do. But we have gotton so comfortable with just exisiting. After all we figured we weren’t gonna exist anymore at all so what we settle for is fine. but why sell yourself short. did you know that you can get back to work and still get your meds without cost? did you know that you can go back to work and still keep your medical coverage? Did you know that if you go back to wok you can still collect your disability checks for up to 9 months regardless of how much you make. And When that trial period is over and you find that you can’t handle working you can get right back on disability immediatly at the same rate you were collecting before. but I know that once I got back to work I felt so much better about myself. I was able to make better money than if I just accepted collecting that check on the first of each month. Don’t get me wrong SSD or SSI which ever pertains is a wonderful thing but it also cripples us from growing . And personally I would rather grow and bloom like a magnificant flower or tree than to be sedintary and and just exist. I don’t mean hustling the system . But to be your own person again is the most fantastic feeling folks. It’s empowering. And I know there are many folks that are able but are so comfortable or afraid to try . but you got nothing to lose . I am living proof that has done this twice and hope not to need to go back on disability . But if I must I know It’s still there for me and I have lost nothing but gained much, that being me again at the wheel.

Great post and congrats on returning to work.
I’m thankful everyday when I wake up I have a job to go to. And that I’m healthy enough to work. Being HIV+ for almost 13 years now, I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without having a job to go to.

And it seems that with improved treatments more and more people are deciding to return to work.
And for many of the same reasons you mention.

For those living with HIV, work can have psycological and social benefits and improve self-esteem. It can add a sense of purpose and of being in control of one’s life instead of simply being a victim.
I’ve heard that “action beats anxiety” and I agree completely when it comes to living with HIV.

Instead of just getting by in life, we can choose to excel if we want to.

There will be challenges and consequences when we try.
But there are also challenges and consequences when we don’t try.

I agree with you that even if there are set backs, we lose nothing but gain much by simply deciding to take control of our lives.

The truth is everyday is a gift and also an opportunity.
Whether we squander that opportunity or make the most of it is entirely up to us.

And your post is an example of the real difference a positive attitude can make.