Gluten free diet and MS

Has any one experienced benefits from following a gluten free diet.

I went on a gluten free diet after I was diagnosed with allergies to tomatoes and wheat. The diet is very restrictive, because most processed foods even things like M&Ms have glutten in them. Wheat tends to be a really great/cheap filler. But I have done very well with this diet. I would say my diet is more glutten reduced, than totally free. I do not eat breads, pastas, pizza, baked goods, or wheat cereals of any kind. I think there is some wheat in the processed foods I tend to fall back on when I am exhausted and going out to eat.

I have an omlette in the morning with some yogurt. My dietitian told me if I eat more protien in the morning I will not get so hungry by 10am and it works. I like to put brucetta mixes or salsas in my eggs for flavor.

Lunch is mostly salads and soups.

Dinner is tough. I tend to make something for me, then soemthing for the rest of the family. I like veggie stir fries.

There are a ton of great wheat free diet books out there. If you don’t want to commit to buying a book you can check out your local libruary or on-line.

Thanks for the response. Have you noticed any benefits vis a vis your symptoms by sticking to your gluten free diet?

Yes. I do feel better physically on a glutten free and sugar free diet. My need for tums and intestinal pain has gone down quite a bit. But take into consideration I am also doing more exercise and I am taking many more supplaments and a sleep aid. I do not know which is helping more when it comes to the MS symptoms. Maybe all of these modifications together.