Good News


I am getting a new granddaughter in (probably June now). My son and his wife are going to China to pick up eleven year old Bai Hua. They just got final approval today She looks so sweet in the 3 pictures they sent. She has cerebral palsy that has affected her legs and has a little crutch. She will join Kennedy Mei Ling, my 5 year old granddaughter who came from China at 9 months. I told my son she will fit right in with Grandma and Grandpa and our mobility problems. Kennedy is my joy, she is so bright, happy and loving. Children are and have always been my focus. When I am with them, the DD pain is put on a back burner. I will always find a way to have the priviledge of children in my life.


Congratulations again Grandma,

That is so sweet. What a precious gift for the family. I am waiting on my grandbabies and hoping to see them someday. My son is in the Army and is dating a girl he is very serious about. He just turned 19 and she is only 17 and has 1 more year of High School then she wants to go to college to become an anethesiologist. My daughter is almost 21 and it doesn’t look promising any time soon for her to get married or have a serious relationship. I told her she has to actually move out and meet people. you have something wonderful to look forward to.



Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing. I hope to have grandkids someday. My oldest child, Heather is getting married in July, but I don’t know whether she will have them or not. I had my youngest son when she was fifteen, what an effective birthcontrol!! She saw firsthand how much work is involved and doesn’t know whether she wants that much responsiblity. I think she will changer her mind someday.
My husband and I have discussed adopting but now with my having DD I don’t think I could handle anymore. My youngest is fourteen now and has learning problems and is very possesive with me and my time. He would not adapt well.
Best of Luck! God Bless,



I remember when we chatted about this in the chat room. It’s finally happening. WTG! Congrats and much happiness to you and your family.


Congratulations on the new grandchild! That is wonderful!