Good recovery is possible

Hi there… You might remember me from last year, my 46 year old sister,drank and starved herself in to this horrible disease. I am now raising her 12 year old daughter. I wanted to say to all of you suffering that your not alone and that there is some hope.

We put sue in a nursing home right after she collapsed and got immediate, I MEAN IMMEDIATE power of attorney and conservatorship… THey can’t make decisions when they can’t hold onto short term memory. We got a neuropsycologist to do a complete neuro psyche report prior, so that we would have the evidence to ward off the other family members that couldn’t realize the depth of her issues.

They do make some recovery and the more routine in their environment and stable the better they do… Sue now has some short term memory for things that she hears, does, repeats day in and out… but still has none for the day to day incidental items…like did she take a shower, did she change her underwear, did she take her meds, did she already take tylenol for her headache, which cup is hers. .what was she doing before being interrupted. etc.

We left her in the nursing home alzheimers ward for 7 months and then moved her to a board and care and a day time adult day care center ( medi cal pays 100% of the day care) and after 4 months there we put her in an assisted living complex with her still going to the day care every day for 6 hours.

No she is not the same in charge responsible person she was, but she is very very happy and healthy… after going through the first why can’t I go home period. which we responded over and over again. you can’t you can’t remember well enought to be safe and this is the step you have to take to get well to go home ( though we know she won’t ever go home) she is happy she has a ton of stucture, we keep her on a short money leash and all the people around her at the center, apt and us keep all alcohol away and we tell her again and again that she will get very ill due to medication if she drinks.

She laughs and doesn’t drink and is happy and very healthy… she eats like a horse… with no moderation… yes we deal with a weight issue now… but it is better than her starving.

what we found was high doses of the following helped.

Amino acids for the brain we got mega dose at the health food store

Omega three flax seed oil… mega dose again for the brain and mood

Mega b6 and b complex.

this made a huge improvement after about 90 days… her skin and hair are again strong and healthy and her mind is so very very much better.

they are so deficient that you must give them high doses of the above. .most doctors aren’t into this so you have to find one or get it yourself.

hang in there it gets better

Hi I felt it was only fair to give a more recent update. Sis is now on her own in a senior apartment we moved her in last November, I pay all her bills and give her a 20 a week allowance, she still goes to adult day care and is really happy.. She will drink and if it is offered and so we watch where she goes. I take her grocery shopping once a month, make sure she is stocked up for her and her cat. She has an inhome support person who goes in every other day to clean, laundry and fills in what she needs ( coffee creamer etc) she takes her own meds daily as she has been in the habit if she gets sick i make sure her doses are still twice a day and I fill it in her pill containers which I do for morning and night a month at a time. She plays cards, has friends and lives a normal life ( almost) the best we could have hoped for.. We had some rough bumps we had to repeatedly tell her .. You did this to yourself and we are making the best of it and so you need to as well.

She still claims we treat her as a child but gets over it fast.. otherwise the vitamins and healthy food and social activities are great.. she has movies on friday nights, cards on wends nights.. a cat for company and adult day care ( senior center) by day.. all in all it worked