Gout comes with Polycythemia Vera

I just learned at age 70, that when I was in my twenties, and had stiff hips only when camping out on damp sand; it was likely caused by gout. Crystals from gout can cause bursitis. My rheumatologist says I have bursitis in my hips. However, I was not diagnosed with gout or PV while in my twenties. This is very confusing for me. My hips still only get stiff when I sleep with the window open on a damp night. Harris

To the best of my knowledge and extensive reading, there is no connection between gout and polycythemia vera. Gout is a metabolic disorder, inherited... In men it normally shows up in the 40's or so, (mid life) often later in women.I am speaking of "true" gout complete with the uric acid disorder. There is also a Pseudo gout, which isn't really gout, but a calcuim based issue. It can show up earlier in life.

Polycythemis Vera (simply thick blood) is normally caused by a mutation in cells when the cells that are to become "bone marrow" begin to form in the uterus. (weeks after conception)

sleeping on anything damp will cause aching in most people and far more likely to be osteoarthritis or some other arthritis than anything else. The sand it's self is hard and will cause aching damp or dry.

Believe me if you had gout in your 20's You'd have it now and KNOW IT> A simple x ray shows the tofus that crystals cause to grow. Those crystals do alot of damage in a short time and it don't get better, it don't go away and it does get worse.

Bursitis often caused by calcium deposits can also be caused by uric acid deposits... not as likely though ... tendon legiment damage contributes to it.