Granuloma annulare

Is anyone out there as scared and depressed about this condition as I am? I feel so alone.

Yes I totally feel the same way. I hate this disease. I am only 20 years old and I got my first rash at 18 on the top of my foot. It got bigger and the rashes started to spread from my stomach to thighs to my butt. It really sucks. I have always been really healthy and am very active. I live in a warm climate and I got so jealous of my friends who can lay out in a bikini with clear skin. I get so embarrassed by my rashes that I don’t even wear bathing suits to the beach anymore. This makes me sad because I love going to the beach. I can’t believe how much I took having clear skin for granted. I am not even sure what to try anymore. The dermatologist did not seem to help.