Group prayer

I know that whenever I post anything I will always include a reference to my spirituality, but to be honest if it was not for my faith I probably would have tried to leave this world a long time ago. This world is already a cruel place, but when you have to deal with TMAU it can make living your life unbearable sometimes. That’s when I realize that I’m not alone and that the Lord will never take me through more than I can bear and he will never forsake me. I know that we all communicate through emails or telephone, but I feel that we all need to come together and pray. We need to chose a date and time and lets all come together in prayer and ask the lord to please take these odors away from us or to find a cure. My aunt once told me that if just two believers come together with faith, and pray for something that the lord will work miracles. The Lord may not answer us in 1,2,3 days but rest assured he will hear and answer.

Hello Sunshine,
I agree w/you whole heartedly, that prayer will change things, it will not happen on our time as you’re probably aware of b/c I believe GOD has his time & plan figured out for every one of us, but like every else that has this disorder, we don’t think that we have the time to wait, " WAIT, I say wait on the LORD".
I know & pray that eventually the LORD will answer our prayers, we just need to be more patience.

I’m all for it. I think that we should be more united as a group. What your grandmother says is a verse in the the bible i dont know where and i dont know the exact translation in english but it is where ever 2 or more are united in his name, he is there in spirit, to sanctify and bless.
Here is my prayer, i dont know how you guys start, but this is my way:
Lord Jesus,
I thankyou for this day that you have allowed me to see
Because i know there are some that did not live through this day
There are some that wished to be in this moment
but destiny did not allow them to be.
But i God you have blessed to see this moment this time this place
You have blessed me to find all of my brothers and sisters of tmau
I ask you now to pardon all of our sins
spoken sins, sins of thoughts, sins of actions
i asked you to wash those sins away and to make them white as snow
I understand that in every second of my life in sin against you and you only
but i want you to aid me lord
by giving me a new hart, a new new mind and a new will
so that i can understand what i am doing that i may not know, that i can want to change those things and that i will have the courage to change despite the consequences and what i may have to give up to do so
I lift before you all of us
I do not know what is in the harts of us all
But you lord you know
you read hearts, minds, souls
you know what is in the heart of man
I want you to speak for everyone
You know what mountains we are trying to cross
You understand far better than us our situation
so i ask you to aide us lord
Aide us so that we may more do your will
so that you will be so pleased with us you will have mercy on our souls
aide us so that the day to day is more bearble
aide us so that we will have courage for tommorow
we know our journey is hard
and that we do not understand our road
and we were chosen for such a fate
but you Lord know why you have chosen us
We feel as though we are too weak to take on these circumstances and we ask that you aide us
We know that you inspired in man to know all that he knows today, so inspire in a man to find the cure for our condition
or take mercy on us Lord and heal us yourself
We know and believe in your word
And we know that our deliverance will come
it may not come in those moment, this hour, this day, month, or year
but we have faith that no matter how long that our deliverance is at hand
We were meant to suffer and so we will
But our sufferance is not for long
What you put us through you will get us through
Until that day comes give us strength to close our eyes and ears against the hurts of the outside
strengthen us to not loose faith because of our surroundings or because we do not catch of glimpse of us
Help us to always move forward, to always pray, and to keep our faith in you
in Jesus name we pray

I agree with prayer. Prayer changes anything.