Growth Hormone Deficiency Member Introductions


Hello! I just found this group thru a Yahoo group I belong to. I have DS that is being treat for his IGf-1 defiencey with GH therapy. We have been doing treatment now for 3 1/2 years. We have seen some wonderful results with it. I hope that I can learn some new things and meetsome great people while I am here.



I am on the beginning of my journey being diagnosed with AGHD. I had a pituitary panel in December. Then, I had a GH stim test and did not score even a “1” on any of the 9 draws of blood. I am scheduled for an MRI on Thursday to check for pituitary tumors and am a bit nervous. This is the first discussion board I have ever been involved in and hope I am doing it correctly.



Hi - I am a 31 year old mom of a fun little 2 year old. Last Nov. I was diagnosed with Acromegaly. I had a large pit. tumor. After my successful surgery to remove the tumor, I was left with a non-functioning pituitary gland. So, I now take several hormone replacements. I am hoping to begin Growth Hormone soon. I go to Mayo again to see my dr. in two weeks!!! Finally. I am also a Kindergarten teacher and need to have my high energy personality back before the school year begins. After reading some posts, I feel like there is hope out there…



HI there,

How are you and how is school? I just read your post that you left back in July. I was wondering if you ever started growth hormone, and if you did, what dose, and what results have you had?

I am on 4 clicks for 2 months now, previously…was on lower clicks for 7 months prior. I am 100 lbs overweight and have lost ZERO lbs. I am quite disgusted and very depressed.
I weight 235 lbs but should weight 135 lbs.
I had a pit. tumor they shrunk with medication (bromocriptine) and now have a non-functioning pit gland.
I, too, have empty sella syndrome, though I am unsure quite what that is.

Have you lost any weight? How many clicks are you on?



hi there, i work with the careplace team. i think careplace is awesome. i hope it will really help people to share, support eachother and learn. we can all use support and understanding and it is so important for all of us who have experienced difficulties to have a safe and informative forum in which to do so. thanks for visiting - it is really rewarding for all of us to see people reaching out to eachother - it is what careplace is all about.


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