Growth hormone: effectiveness



It is autie em. I have written a few times.

I am now asking those individuals on growth hormone, to please advise if they would, if they had success with it.

I have been on it for 9 months now, with the highest and current dose of 4 clicks, just started 2 months ago.
I have lost NO WEIGHT.
I am very upset and puzzled.
I thought I would lose weight. I am 235 lbs. and should weight 135.
Why would not even 5 lbs come off?

In fact, what I am finding is that -although I have not GAINED any weight, my stomach rolls of fat have gotten more pronounced, and I look thicker around the middle. This is quite upsetting! The medicine is having the reverse effect of what it is supposed to do!

Can anyone advise me? The last thing I wanted to do, it get thicker.
Is this why Roger Clemmons and other athletes, take it?
To get more bulky?

Please…anyone out there…has anyone else experienced this terrible fate?

thank you for any help you can render

Autie Em