Hair loss?


Does anyone suffer from hair loss? Gee, it seems I lost half my hair. It was much worse when I colored it so now I wear wigs…


Yes!!! I’m losing it like crazy
At first they were blaming my thyroid as last year I had half my thyroid and a precancerous tumour removed. My hair use to be sooo thick I could get it thinned at least once a month. My head was always so warm like I had a thick wool hat on. I would feel sweat rolling down my scalp.
It would take forever to dry even with a dryer…now I just let it dry on its own as it"s so fast. It’s really a downer.


Wen, that part is a downer to me too.

But, it COULD be your thyroid. My Mom has thyroid problems, and she too, has lost so much hair. Are you on meds for that?

When I went to a lupus meeting, everyone there had the same hair. They called it “luppy hair.”

The good thing my wigs do is that it keeps the sun off my scalp. For other’s that may need a wig, don’t get the REAL hair ones because real hair is real hair, and if there is a lot of humidity in the air…that hair will react!


Yes I’ve been on meds for my thyroid and will be for the rest of my life. This is because I only have half a thyroid and therefore at most half the hormones needed without supplements.
What exactly does Luppy hair look like?


Luppy hair looks like thin, straggly hair which falls out…not making one bald…but definitely not what a person’s hair looked like. My hair used to be sooooo purty.

…although some people can suffer from alopecia


I know it doesn’t break it just falls out. Wish I could glue some back…maybe with some of that nail glue it sticks anything LOL!!


Wen, I find areas I used to have hair have now disappeared and now places I never had hair arrived!  OMG!  Anyone ready to join me in the circus?


EXACTLY!!!  I think I’m turning into the bald bearded lady of the cicus!!


Hi Wen and Mel and all,

A few years ago I lost all my hair to lupus - my Ol' Wolfie took it all so I had the baldest head and the furriest wolf you could imagine. First, it was an especially hot summer and i got ulcerations ("ulcers") all over my scalp. Then my hair quit falling out like rainfall as usual with lupus and came out in huge clumps. Britnany and Yul Brynner had nuthin' on me - neither did I. It finally grew back but the good within the bad was that it left me with nice, smooth hairless legs. Shaving and chemicals irritate the skin anyway.

Later, i was dx-ed with Hashimoto's Disease. He coulda just kept it - i didn't want it but it turned out i had a dead thyroid and that caused the hair loss so Mel's bit on that was absitively keerect. Now, I take levothyroxine 0.05 MG once a day. My hair is getting a bit thicker and - weird, here - I'd gone permaturely grey from the thyroid death and the roots began growing in dark again! So, who knows what life and lupus can bring you?!?

Here's a couple of good links:

Hypothyroidism: Symptoms and Treatments of Hypothyroidism and Hypothyroid Disease; Hypo-Thyroid.

What is Thyroid Disease (Lupus Foundation of Minnesota)

Hoping for better hair days for us all!





Shar, after reading the list of thyroid conditions, I have all of them except being cold.   I am forever sweating...and then getting cold.  This goes on all day and night.   I lost my period 10 years ago after I started taking Cyclosporine to control the lupus and blood disorder I have.  It helped somewhat but then my IgG went sky high and had to be taken off of it.  My thyroid is fine though.

This illness is so crappy!  One time I was using an Orange Cleaner. All of a sudden I became dizzy, couldn't breathe or talk.  After finally sitting, I was able to meditate and slow my breathing down. I thought that was the end for me because I was unable to even talk or walk to push the alert button.

Thankfully, I was able to control it.  If I'm using any kind of spray, I use a mask.  I never had allergies before so who knows what will set it off. 

I then went to an ENT white coat, and he told me my vocal chords closed.  I had to carry an epi pen, but thankfully, I never had to use it again.  I also don't use anything orange smelling ..... ever!

 I was at a party today, and I was talking to a 92 y/o man.  He was telling me about his diabetis.  My b/f said, "Jack, don't bother because she can out do any illness you have!"  I started to laugh.


Oh yeah, Mel,

Hot, then cold - i feel like I'm stuck in a kitchen, frying and freezing all the time.

One reason  - of 297,653,481,893 reasons, aprox., that lupus and thyroid get mixed up is because the symptoms are so alike. Took until last year before  we finally had the belated funeral for my thyroid. It had been dead so long it was mummified.

I love your attitude - when you're 92 years old it'll still be the same!

LOL and lovin' it,



Hi all

I had 1/2 of my thyroid and a tumor removed Dec 2005

and now my levels are good but i still have so many symptoms. Surprise!!  

My hair seems to be settling down....Do you think it's going to stop falling out or am is it just wishful thinking???


Wen, if your levels are normal, and your hair is growing back…don’t question it!  E N J O Y!