Hair loss

is anyone having trouble with hair loss? i also have a thyroid problem, and i don" know if it that or my anagrelide. pug

In regards to hair loss, I have lost almost half of my hair. I have been on the Hydroxyurea since last Nov. 1000 mg a day.
Is anyone experiencing the same? Also, my hematologist says I do not need to the phlybotomies and she won’t give me a satisfying reason. I haven’t felt well at all, extremely tired and weak and I get short of breath easily. Does anyone have any answers for me?

You more than likely need a phlebotomy. I was feeling great then a little sluggish just last week and the week before. I didn’t think much of it because sometimes this would happen. My counts were good according to my then guidelines and cutoff crit levels. I then had a TIA i.e. mini stroke last week which changed things a bit. Check over with your doctor about your levels. Some doctors feels it should be 45 others lower. Mine was 44 but is now 42. Get it checked and talk with your doctor.