Has anyone gone on treatment

i’m about to start a folic acid treatment in may, but i’m a bit concerned about the risk of a another defect. has anyone gone through treatment any side effects?

I have been taken folic acid 5 mg for the last two years, I have not experienced any side affects. I hope that this helps you.

Folic acid is just a supplement, there are no side effects. It’s a B vitamin so it’s water soluble meaning any excess will be excreted in your urine. I took it for 11 months after losing my son and got pg and delivered a healthy baby girl on 11/13/07. Good luck!!

I think you are talking about this…?


I was a bit concerned about this too…
I think we should talk to our doctor about this…

That’s the first I heard about negative side effects. The American Cancer Society actually states the opposite…that the chance of colon cancer seems to lessen when taking folic acids supplements.


I can’t imagine how a water soluable vitamin could cause colon cancer…