Has anyone had an adverse reaction to Methadone?


I am trying Methadone for ATN pain. I was on oxycontin & percocet, Lyrica, and nortryptaline. I still had breakthrough pain. I have started about 1 month ago on a small dose of methadone. From the beginning I didn’t feel right. Now I’m on 5mg twice a day +percocet for break through pain. I am feeling bad bad bad, Has anyone had this reaction? I feel depressed, anxious, shakey, pain all over my body, ( I can barely get up and stand, or bend) Is it me or is it the methadone?

Thanks BEW


I am only on OxyContin 10 mg one in am and one at bedtime. My doctor says that I am too young to have this much pain—Ya think!!! Anyway, I have not tried that yet but that is my last resort. Let me know if it gets any better. I am thinking of trying something for the anxiety I have at night. I can’t help but think about how I am never going to have this go away. I am currently taking Ambien 10 mg to try to help me and it does at times.

Good luck