Has anyone tried alternative methods for pain relief from ATN/TN?

Hi all,

I just went to a Holistic PT, who specializes in cranialsacrel therapy. I was wondering if anyone has gotten relief from alternative methods, and if so what were the methods? Thanks

Dear BEW,
If you had typical TN there is an excellent chance you could stop your pain with a low saturated fat diet. Since you have atypical I still think it’s worth a try. I have been a patient advocate with the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association for 10 years promoting this diet. I made a presentation at the Association’s 2004 National Conference in Orlando. The diet’s only requirement is that saturated fat be limited to 10 grams a day. You can get detailed diet instructions by going to my website www.franksherwood.com or if you want the history of the diet, testimonials, and diet coaching, contact me at frank@sokolitz.com or phone (248) 642-7235. Please let me know if the diet stops your pain because this is a new treatment for TN and the only way to establish its effectiveness is by knowing of your success and the success of others.
Sincerely, FSherwood