Having a bad time


I am having a bad night. I ran to the store to get some things and all of a sudden the pain and nausea came. I just couldn’t wait to get home. I took some meds and I am still awaiting for the nausea to calm.

I am just so tired of these issues, they are relentless. I have the gall bladder removal next week. I hope it helps! I just don’t see it though, I feel like it might just be a waste of my time. Maybe I am just being negative ;o( Anyway I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.



Hello Keke, my name is Ron and I have had recurring or chronic Pancreatitis since I was 21, I am now 57 ! So believe it or not I do understand just what you are going through and how after a time even the hope goes ! All I can offer you right now is being able to talk with you and to be an understanding ear or shoulder to lean on ! I have been going to a Pain center for the last 4 years and have gotten part of my day to day life back.

I don’t know if chronic pain is a big part of whats going on with you? At any rate I am here if ever you want to talk ! I am on AIM messenger under ettibec and you can email me at ettibec@yahoo.com if you ever feel the need ! Take care and I will think good thoughts for you, I would say prayer’s but I am not a very religious person.



Ihope that you are feeling better today. It is ok to vent here. I think getting your Gall Bladder out will be of some help. What day do you go in?




Hi it’s Jackie- I have been really busy but read all your posts and others. I have a question: I seem to have developed a few health problems since being diagnosed with CP. I have an aching in my cheek area that the doctors can’t seem to find an answer for and have been losing toe nails. Have you experienced these things? Wondering if anyone has-

Hope you had a pain free day!

Hugs to you,



We have all been where you are. I am sorry I have not responded sooner- I hear your pain and frustration. The removal of your gall bladder should help a great deal. Hang in there, I know how hard it is.

Hugs to you,


Thank you to all for the kind words. I am feeling somewhat better. I am ready for my surgery thursday. I just hope the dye from the surgery doesn’t bother my pancreas. I am thankful for you all!!




I’ve never heard of that before. Have you had all of your vitamins and minerals checked in you blood system? I can’t even imagine what would cause that to happen.



I am going to a nutritionist and a maci-facial doctor and see what they say- ugh it’s always something isn’t it? Thanks for the input!