Having a good day

I finally got to go out of town for one night, and what a relaxing 24 hours I have had in over 14 months, then I had to come home to a daughter who is off her meds, and my mother with her alzheimers, they both drive me crazy, but at least I had 24 hours off peace and quiet.

Hey Kitkat

This is Betty, from Yahoo FMD Site?

Boy, do I know what you’re going through being a care taker of…is it your mother or mother in law with Alzheimer’s! My mother in law lived with us (and husband and I do NOT have children living at home) for over 1-1/2 years…God bless her, it was not her fault, but I went into a deep, deep depression…Doc’s put me on 3 differant antidepressants (plus, as you know, I’m on other medications for FMD), and I ended up suffering from two seizures! (wellbutrin was one, along with 2 prozac)…

I remember waking up in the morning, opening my eyes, and just this dark cloud being over me…I DIDN’T want to get out of bed…

Nothing Jerry (husband) or I (to myself) could help me…medication did like nothing…

Finally kicked in the towel and INSISTED that her daughter take her AT LEAST one weekend a month…oh, the great weekends we’d have when it was just my husband and myself!

You are a wonder woman, Kit, Honest…Are you able to have household help (cleaning, etc)?

It will get better, I promise…and remember this, what goes around, comes around.

Depression SUCKS, doesn’t it?

I too have times when I just retreat from the world…

Am now just on one prozac and they’ve added a “stimulant” called provigil.
Expensive, but…I think it really helps…look it up, Kat and see what you think? It’s NOT like the old diet pills that use to be prescribed-works on a certain part of the brain…I could go on, but internet will tell you lots. It was originally given to those diagnosed with narcolepsy or shift disorder (having to work nights)…does not give nervous system symptoms at all (and I take blood pressure medication)…just helps (at least me) concentrate on what I’m doing…get my “chores” done with more energy.

Take care. I didn’t know you suffered from depression (as do I) from your posts on FMD webset you’re always there for everyone!


Thank you. I take care of my mother and a bi-polar daughter and a husband. We have not lived in the same household for the past 14 months because I have no one else to help me. I cook, clean, wash clothes, make sure my mothers meds are in her box to take, take her to the dr.'s when needed, pay her bills. I am so tired that I cannot see straight, plus I suffer from migraines and high blood pressure.

I guess that I need to be thankful for the good things in life, but I guess there are days when we get tired of being nice.