I’ve had a headache for 3 weeks now!  some days it’s really really bad, other days it’s not so bad.  My neurologist says that my increase in headaches (i’ve had a huge increase in headaches in teh past 2 years) have nothing to do with my MS, but i get worse headaches right before i end up having a major relapse.  Does anyone else get MS related headaches?

I got a feeling like a metal clamp was putting pressure on the back of my head during my first exacerbation. It didn't hurt, it just felt like pressure.

Have you asked your Neuro about Migraines and migraine meds?

We breifly talked about migraine meds, but he wants me try using over the counter meds as long as i can.  Thanks for your suggestion!

I get headaches frequently…not sure if anything to do with ms. Get them when I’m stressed a lot or with the heat. I have always had a high tolerance for pills though. When I was supposed to be taking childrens asprin, I had to take the adult ones, lol.
Excedrin for tension headaces really helps me…and I only need to take 2.
With generic asprin, I need to take 6-8 pills. With Aleve at least 3-4, so the Excedrin is a life saver.
When I get headaces I usually get them off and on for about a week, so this helps.
Maybe you could try it…