Heller Myotomy

Does anyone had this Heller Myotome? I just had for the second time Botox Injections, but It doesnt seem to work well.

What all would you like to know about it? I will help you the best I can.My son has had both types , lapro and open.

Hi Noel,

What kind of info would you like to have on the Heller’s? I have had 2 open Heller’s and am awaiting my 3rd one (that is not standard, usually having 1 surgery is sufficient).

There is so much to tell about the surgery, I wouldn’t know just where to start. Feel free to ask any question you want.


Hello everyone. Thank you all for your comments and words of encouragement. I am learning a lot from your questions, worries, and overall advice. I cannot believe I am hearing from people who have experienced similar health problems as mine. My achalasia was undiagnosed for so so long.

I had the myotomy (and the wrap) done last Tuesday, May 8th, 2007. I had no pain really. It was great. However, I am feeling heartburn, have diarrhea, and feel as it my stomach was too sensitive. I am swallowing much better, but I know I still do not swallow as a “normal” person. I want to stay positive, but I am concerned about the real impact of the surgery. I am hoping that I will feel much better than this as weeks go by. Was it like this for those of you who had the surgery? Did it take weeks for all the benefits to show?

I wonder about the next step for me if the surgery does not have a sustained positive effect.

Thank you all for your time.



Hi Frida,

Don’t you worry too much!!!
Your surgery has only been a couple of days ago… You have swellings inside, that need to go away still. That can take over a couple of weeks to months!!!

What have you already been eating? You must take things slow and I guess you really need to be on the mushy foods still…

In case you really want to be sure what to eat and what to expect, you can of course also contact your surgeon.


Check this Information
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Hi Noel -

I’ve had the Heller Myotomy by laproscopy. I have been very happy with the results. I had the procedure at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation in Chicago in 2003 under the care of renowned achalasia specialist Peter J. Kahrilas, MD (my actual surgeon was Dr. Joelle who has since transferred to a different hospital.) I researched all of my options and, since my condition was already pretty bad, I decided to go with the most aggressive and permanent solution. From my research, I felt pretty confident about the chances of coming out of it with a good result. I researched the best place to have the surgery (based on experience and ratio of successful results) and decided on Chicago – although I believe Cleveland is probably the #1 place to have the surgery. I was in the hospital for 1 day and felt great within a couple of days. I don’t remember having any pain, but I do remember for sure that I didn’t need any of the pain medication. I believe I was eating pretty well within days. I was running 2 miles within 5 days of the surgery. Today (4 years later) I still feel great. I do have more problems with heartburn and aspiration, but after a year of getting about 20% of my food down these issues are hardly bothersome. I don’t know if I had the “wrap”… but I’ve been told that the wrap helps with the ensuing GERD issues after a Heller. Let me know if you need anymore information.

Recently, about a two weeks ago, I had my second botox treatment at the VA Clinic in Orlando. After having too much discomfort in my chest, I noticed that I had no mayor improvement. When I went back to follow up treatment, I told the Doctor about it. Now he wants me to go to Tampa VA Hospital to start a new treatment, which he explained to me that they had to start out with a motility test, so they can have a better picture of the condition and the LES measurement. After that they can follow up with a Heller Myotome.
That was the reason why I was asking about a Heller Myotome, because like everyone of us wants to feel better after that. I dont know too much about the Doctors in Tampa, but my doctor told me that they were specialists in that. Ill be waiting for the appointment. As for now some days I feel a little better but of course with difficulties. Thank you for all your responses.


You will not be 100 percent better! The surgery is NOT a cure! I hope the Dr. was clear about this. I have suffered from Achalasia since 1989, had my surgery in 1992. Before “Lap.” Although there is a vast improvement with my swallowing, I’m not 100 percent better. I still have to take smaller bites of food and drink lots of water. Achalasia, has also ended my career as a Correction officer due to esophageal spasms, which are associated with “A”.

Let me give you some advice, Do Not Trust any Doctor! They really don’t care! all they are looking for is making a buck! Ask questions, and learn about “A”, do your own research. Always come to your Dr. office prepared with a list of questions and concerns. Make the doctor explain in detail the answers to your questions and concerns. Treat the doctor as if he is an employee working FOR you. Many Doctors no matter how nice their bed side manner may seem, have a tendency of treating patience as if They are working for them. I have hired many doctors and have fired MANY doctors. Never settle for second best!

Now, take your recoop seriously, do everything they tell you to do. Don’t rush it. I was on a liquid diet for several weeks prior to getting started on solids, Don’t rush it, take it nice and slow.

Good Luck!

Interesting bit of info. If you’ve not been aware, I thought I would post the UR for a study reported in Feb. of this year. This was before my time w/in this group, so I don’t know if y’all had been aware (?!) of the effort or the results (?!)

We examined the most populated support group (YSG) and assembled the exchanged messages into 4 categories: support, symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis. Next, a survey modeled after a previous study (ibid) was composed and posted on a university-sponsored Web site for March 2003


Make it a great week, everyone, and know that I am sending healing Zen and prayers to each and every individual (and family) in need.


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