Hello, and intro

Hi, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple of years ago.

In the last year, I have dropped weight from 220 down to 175 (I am 6
feet tall), so I am pretty sure my weight is normal. The machine has
improved my life, its one of those things that I only notice if I
don’t use the CPAP. I will go from being tired two hours after waking
to falling asleep throughout the day of I don’t have the CPAP. So, it helps but does not fix.

I still suffer from sleep issues (tired all the time). I take
Provigil (100mg) a day, which helps a little more. But I guess I am
stating plainly that I am far from 100%. I have been diagnosed with
ADHD, Depression (who wouldnt be depressed if you feel like your not
sleeping), you name it before the Apnea diagnosis. All my depression complaints were related to this tired shitty feeling. I
use the CPAP, and within an hour or two of waking up, I feel drained.
I feel great when I first wake up, like I could take on the world. But
then rather suddenly like a wave my eyes start getting heavy and thats
it, I could take a nap.

Desperate to talk to others in the same boat, and perhaps ones who
have similar symptoms as you can almost set your watch to the time I
get tired after waking up. I have said to myself “oh no, here it is,
that tired feeling right on time”, its that tangible.