Hello i amnew here

I am trying to get some kind of support from others that have gone thru this kind of thing.

Our story so far:

Fayth is 2 years old and is in childrens hospital in columbus ohio we was told that she has T cell leukemia type ALL on september 7th of this year.

Fayth has been doing good up till now (week 9)
Fayth was brought to the hospital a week ago on thrusday for a temp of 100.3 at that time they admitted her.

Fayth’s levels have been low before but now the doctors are fighting to just maintain them.

Fayth has had 2 whole blood transfussions in the last 12 hours and has not eatten anything by mouth is 48 hours.

The doctors are having real issues with finding out what is causing her BP and temp to our of normal ranges.

They have run every test that they can come up with to find any kind of infection be it viral or bactoral(sp)and everything is coming back as negitive.

The doctors are looking at moving her to the ICU if she does not start to stableize.

I guess what i am looking for is 1) support 2) ideas as to maybe something that might have been missed with everything that is going on.

If anyone has any kind of ideas to offer please let me know.

The doctors are real open to sugestions and to our input.

So with this I shall wait to see what anyone else has to say.

and thank you for having this group.


My name is Angela Wareham and our daughter was diagnosed with Pre-B ALL in
May 2006 and is still in treatment at Columbus Children’s. I hope that
Fayth is doing better and no fevers. If no infection was found, then she
may just be running a fever from the actual treatment itself which causes
fevers, especially Ara-C. I hope that her counts have rebounded. If she is
not eating, she may just feel too weak right now. Try giving her Pediasure
or Ensure shakes for some calories. My heart really goes out to you as I
remember all too well how difficult it was in the beginning. Has her BP
stabilized? We know Dr. Yeager and Dr. Olshefski and both are wonderful,
but Yeager has a better bedside manner. If I can do anything to help you,
please let me know.

Angela Wareham

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