Hello My Name is Nicole and i need help desperately

I have been dealing with this odor for 3 years. Went to many doctors had tests nothing. I came across tmau Friday after a very bad day at work. Its so weird my kids and fiancee and roommate can not smell anything but when I am at work I have overhead people say she stink everyday nobody talks to me I feel like a freak. I was so surprised to see people who are dealing with this same problem. The odor i give pff is fishy or sewage. I shower everyday I am not dirty this just so depressing… I also work overnights with like 3 people and they have not said anything. I even asked the girl I work with if I smell and she said she smelled nothing. I just need advice please. My insurance doesn’t kick in until February. Anything i can do would be helpful.

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Hi Nicole so sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. NO you are not alone. unforturnately I have been dealing with the same issues for over 20 years. Working around other people sent me into a depression. I would go home for lunch and shower. It’s a problem with the bacteria in our sweat/how our bodies don’t handle choline appropriately. Try to use antibacterial soaps- Dial is best for me, keep alcohol swabs with you to clean up through out the day, especially wiping areas that sweat as behind ears. around your nose, your neck. Do a quick clean up not just washing hands but washing arms and face after using the bathroom. It’s a big issue with the hair underarms and groin. I try to keep those areas shaved. use baby powder and if you are able use a deodorant with aluminum H. Make sure you are washing your hair as often as needed. There are certain foods to avoid especially caffiene. Look up foods with choline-- we need choline and it is in most foods but our bodies don’t metabolize it correctly from what I read. I read stay away from egg yolks, avocados, certain types of fish. There is a long list but you have to determine what will work for you, When you get the chance to see your physician-- let him/her know you have an issue with body odor more so than the regular person. My heart goes out to you. It’s usually a dermatologist that deals with the matter as far as I know. I have excessive sweating and I sweat even just sitting still. I don’t have enough time to tell you how humiliated I have been being around others, who cover their nose, move away from me, I spent a fortune in different liquid soaps, deodorant, antibacterial products etc. So feel free to vent if you need to. you have to work on taming this thing it don’t just go away. Thinking of you, your careplace friend

On Nov 3, 2016, I was told I will not be getting a kidney transplant because I have blood circulation problems.i have tmua with fish like odor for more than 30 year’s.I have tried everything possible in the medical field with no results. Sorry to vet.

In my 20’s , I developed venous statis in which the capillaries pop and my skin darkens on both my legs below my knees and above my ankles.

I have a inherited kidney disease as FSGS and minimal change , two kidney disorders. At that time, there was no treatment for me because my blood was normal but I had proteinuria alot of it.

My kidney disease didn’t really getbad until 2006, then I was referred to a kidney doctor. He prescribed predisone. It didn’t work on me. It was supposed to slow down the disease. But my problems befan to appear in 2012, when I started to gain weight, I thought at the time I was eating too much, but I later discovered it was excess water. Because later that year, my legs started to leak water. I actually had to squeeze the water out of my socks and trousers. Then I developed claudication which causes pain on my calf muscles in the back of my legs. I would walk a few steps and they would seize up. I would rest a few moments and the pain would go away. Then walk a few more steps and again experience pain.

Then in February 2014, my kidneys finally failed and I was put on haemodialysis. Then I lost circulation in my toes, then gangrene then amputations in May 2014 on my left foot then my left leg below the knee in June 2014Then my big toe on my right leg, on October 2014, and theno the rest of my toes in Nov 2014.

By July 2014, I lost 40 liters of of water or 88 pounds of water through haemodialysis.

I thought since I had 20 other medical problems besides my 2 kidney disorders that I wouldn’t qualify for a kidney transplant. Plus I have 47 chromosomes.

But at least, I now know, I won’t be getting a kidney.Unless someone invents a cure for poor blood circulation.

Not every one who has a chronic kidney disorder will have the kind of problems I have had.recently I was introduced to a herbalist from China by a doctor friend from India, we have to fly from India where I went for the treatment to meet with the herbalist dr sale bashiru in China.just in about 3 months later I was cured of this diseases with herbs and oil I’m symptoms Free. But I was told tmua might be on remission that there’s no permanent cure. But at the moment I don’t have no odor.

Hi Nicole, just saying hello and checking on you. hope you are having more good days than bad. My family still after all this time thinks this is all in my head. One of my daughter’s even sorta makes fun of me about it. Saying I have a mental disorder thinking I smell bad all the time. I tell them no one wants to make up they are smelling bad. I can’t be around people still over an hour before I get so nervous that I am putting off an odor. summer time is the worst for me cause of humidity and sweating. I most definitely watch my diet but you have to be strict in following what’s recommended, not a cure but very helpful. Hope you and your family are well. I’ve been blessed to work at home now for over 15 years. But I still have worship meetings and it’s no different there, so I have to be careful, we believe the same but we are still human and I hear whispers about needing to take a bath. I shower before I go just as I did before I went to work when I worked away from my home, Still some paranoid around others. But God is good and though he may not end a trial he will help us through it. I am faced with another issue now incontinence so double wammy but there is a lot on the market to help deal with this also. Again God helps us deal with issues if we trust in him. I really do trust God just the human side of me with deep emotions kicks in sometimes and I feel hopeless. But here I can vent and feel like someone understands. God loves us and allowed his son to die for us so we will be released from these conditions one day. Well Nicole hope you and all are doing ok and hanging in there. To God be the glory and know he is working this thing out for us.

Hi Nicole

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time of late. I’m going through pap rough time also. Just wanted to say that some people cap0n smell the symptoms of the condition others can’t, then unfortunately you’ll get the ones that’ll lie. It’s a roller coaster of a ride concerning your mental health, physical health and relationships.

I wanted to congratulate you on your bravery to go to work and fight through this for yourself. I’m having a similar problem with this.