Help coping

My daughter who is now 29 was diagnosis with Bipolar when she was 23 after the birth of her daughter. She had her first episode when she was 17 that required hospitalization. She was started on medication which she soon stopped taking because of the side effects. She has not been the same since really. But she did do well and completed education for cosmotology, worked and was doing good until she became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter. 9mos after the birth she began becoming high and low. This went on for a while, finally was able to talk her into going to the hospital. At this time is when they diagnosis her.
She began treatment with Lithium and Wellbutrin. After time she stabled and did well for 4 years. Then she lost her insurance for financial reasons and premiums continually rising. Then stopped taking her meds because she could not afford them. She did not tell her father and I she had stopped. After a few months of noticing changes and then finally going into another full blown episode, we had to go through convincing her again she needed medical help.
Of course now she has no insurance- but was able to get her in a state funded mental health hospital. She was put back on medication. This time the meds are not working as well it has been over a year and she still is not really stable. Many explosions of anger directed at me. Then periods of being down and so on and so on.
I just can not do this alone anymore. I know I do not handle the situation right and I was hoping there are others out there that can give me hope and direction.
A very concerned MOM.

Hi, my name is Mindy and I am a concerned Mom too…my oldest son,24 has BP or at least diagnosed with it…and he hasn’t been stable or really functioning for over a year now…I know how difficult it is for you…hopefully we can help each other or share information…at least we are not alone and hopefully can find some answers. What do you do when they don’t acknowledge they have a problem? Anyway, please feel free to write back at any time…Sincerely, Mindy

Hi Mindy,

Thanks for responding. It is a very difficult disease to understand and no what is the right and what is wrong. The times when she was really bad and needed medical help was very trying for all of us. I can’t offer what is the best way to get them to realize they are in need of professional help. Everytime was a long process but finally the end result was that she did agree and was admitted to the hospital.
I guess that is one reason I began searching for a support group to learn how to deal with her and how to cope. I hope that we can hear from others and be of help to each other. Take care and hang in there.

Your children are lucky to have you both as their moms. Family support and understanding (as much as one can) is important. I applaud you both.

As someone who’s newly diagnosed with bipolar I wish I had a mom or any family member who is willing to research bipolar and become better understanding of the disorder. There are no easy answers and no matter how much we try to understand it not every situation is the same. I wish I could say that living with bipolar means that I understand it, but I truly don’t. One day I think I have a handle on it then the next I’m here in fear of my life.

One thing I do know is you’ll learn a lot at CarePlace. Just being there is a step in the right direction.

Welcome to the group.

HI, you know by polar is just that (A) you feel good (B) feeling down the two extremes. With the help of our medication in time we stay in the middle. feel sorry for those who are ill and donnot no it.

My name is Christine and I am rapid cycler…my moods switch so quick that it can be scary. In side your head somewhere you can hear yourself telling you what right and whats wrong, but it’s so faint. I have been locked up inside my house for three years,however my Doctor put me on meds. that work…I can go outside now (for alittle while) I got myself a job, which I am starting on this Wednesday and I am scared to death. It’s working out so that I am almost like the rest of the world…normal so to speak. I beleive your daughter will be just fine when she is on the right meds. If I can do it anyone can.Christine