Help me please find an answer

I have a big confusion in my head. Well on August 16 my period came normal. the thing that happen was that I cheated on my boyfriend with my exboyfriend. I was living with my boyfriend for 2 months and we had a daily unprotected sex but I never got pregnant even when we where dateing on September 1 &2 I stayed with me exboyfreind and had unprotected sex with him but he came in on the 1st, 2times and on the 2nd just once. When I went back homke I didn’t say anything to my boyfriend and that entire week I had unprotected sex with him but he never came in I always say him finish out and sex never lasted more than 2 minutes. at the end of the month I left him, and I did a pregnacy test on the 30th of September and it came positive. Now I wanted to know if mty fertil day was on the 1 or 2 of September when I got pregnant. But Iam more sure that the baby that I’m caring with me is my exboyfriend the one that come in on me more than twice. Can you help me PLEASE.

Try looking it up at

According to my calculator yes that was your Oing week…hope this helps

Hey thankyou for your reply. But I was wondering if you had any clue if I am right about that the father of my baby is my exboyfriend that came in on me more than 2 on September 1 &2.

I once was in a similar situation, to this day I can only guess who my eldest childs father is (I think Im right but there is always a chance I arent).

I was in an abusive relationship in which I was trying to leave but he kept playing mind games with me so I kept going back to him eg He’d hold a gun to his head and tell me I’d have to watch him blow his brains out if I went to leave the relationship. (I was only 16 yrs at the time and living with this guy).

Anyway I went away on holidays with my family (he let me go) and met a guy while away who I really liked. I did sleep with him unprotected a couple of times (as many silly 16 yr olds do) and planned to leave the abusive one and be with this new one I really liked. Once I got home thou, once again the other gained full control over me. The new guy kept ringing trying to find out if I was safe but the other never told me he’d rung and told him that I didnt want to speak to him. As I never know the other was ringing… I ended up stuck in that relationship till my baby was born and ended up leaving it only after the neighbours called the police cause of me being abused outside which they witnessed.

To top it off… once I had my baby he refused a paternity test and cause of how he’d kept me from the other, I’d lost contact with the other. So I never could find out who my daughters father was.

All Ive got really to say is make sure you have protected sex next time, so you dont end up in a fix like I did, never really truely knowing who the father is (what you’ve already find out).

Best wishes with the pregnancy and birth too…

Don’t mean to but in on your conversation, but I wanted to let you know that just because the guy you slept with on the 3rd, didn’t come in, doesnt’ mean your not Pregnant by him. Even before a man “Comes” There is some Semen that sometimes ozzes out. And can contain live sperm. And because you did have Sex with him during the 5 day’s you were fertile means that either could be the daddy. Although it is more likely the father is they guy who “Came in”, it is still possible the father is the other guy too, since it was unprotected sex.

The only sure way to know would be a paternity test when baby is born.

Blessings to you and your new little gift.