Help me with my 6yr. old daughter

My 6 year old daughter was tested through the school and was found to have dyslexia. Her father and I have not been together since she was 8mos. old. I need to know if behavior is a problem in childern with dyslexia? Or I is it just her age? Often when she doesn’t get want she wants she throws a fit. And school work, when she can’t figure something outh with her homework she starts to cry this upsets me any suggestions on how I can help her deal with this. I want to cry sometimes myself because I see her struggling. Next Year she will be starting a class to help her.


My son is dyslexic. We found out when he was in 4th grade, he’s in 7th grade. Part of it is her age she is testing you but part of it is because she’s dyslexic. School work is very hard and they get very frustrated with themselves. They see the other kids doing less work and getting better grades. They get sad, angry and frustrated. Homework is still a struggle for us. I found my son gets very overwhelmed by the amount of work he has to do. I try to take break in down into smaller tasks. Start with easiest assignment first that way she won’t feel the work is to hard for her. Sometimes I have to talk my son through his homework. (telling him he can do it, he’s almost done etc.) Up until this year I would sit next to him while he read his assignments and answer his questions. (I usually had to reread it because he didn’t understand what he read.) The most important thing is to make sure she stays confident in herself. LD kids are prone to low self esteem. A lot of them
think they are not smart. Which is so not true. They are smart and very creative. Does she have an IEP? (individual education plan) If not you need to get one for her. It will make school a little bit better.

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