what can I do on the days that I am so tred I can’t get out of bed. It there is anyone there that could help please holler


I know it is tough to get up when you really don’t feel like it, but unfornately the world doesn’t stop when we do. I have to force myself to get going most mornings but usually I feel better once I get to moving around. I also have sleep apnea so getting rest is really hard. My doctor prescribed Provigil, which is keeping me more alert during the day.

I tend to stay in bed if i feel like that as experience has taught me that if i try to push myself while like that… i make my conditon much worst.

It was due to making myself get out of bed and forcing myself to go to college which I believe was responsible for ending up making me bedridden for 9 mths unable to completely do a thing (I couldnt stand, I even struggled to be able to eat as I went that weak).  I believe I almost died cause of the CFS during that time (I often lapsed in and out of consicousness).

Some with this conditon may be able to push themselves and not greatly worsen themselves…but many if they do that find themselves in serious trouble due to the massive kind of relapse this can make happen.

9 mths of being bedridden taught me that the world will go on and does go on without me.

Not resting enough at the early stages of this illness has been linked to one getting CFS more seriously and with likihood of less recovery.

Pay attention of how you feel if you do things and if something is helping you… do it, if it makes you worst, avoid it.

Hi there,

I completely agree with taniaaust1, you should try but dont force yourself to the point that you cause yourself an injury. Do what you can and try to get family and friends to help as much as they can. What other choce do you have.

Good luck anyway.