Hepa Filters

I have Asthma, Allergies and sleep apnea. My main priority is getting good sleep. I have trouble falling asleep. I spend most nights laying in bed at night listening to the whistle of my breath through my mouth, and spraying nasal sprays and popping allergy pills to be able to breath through my nose. Once I do fall asleep, unfortunately, my sleep apnea kicks in and I go through the cycle of stopping breathing…waking up… going to sleep… stopping breathing…waking up until I finally “wake up” in the morning feeling like I haven’t slept in weeks.(which I really haven’t) I take Advair and ProAir and Fluicasone.
I have cleaned my carpets, taken down my curtains, and installed mattress covers. I wash my bed clothes in hot bleachy water once a week.
I am so overwhelmed trying to figure out other things to do. I am predominately vegetarian. I recently heard that a vegan diet helps asthma. Although I am not eager to give up eggs, milk, cheese, ect - but I would if it would get me a good nights sleep, but I eat a lot of soy products and I also heard that soy products increase asthma —arghh… I am sure not ready for a raw foods diet…lol…anyone have any information on either of these things?
Also, I have a Dr letter for a hepa filter system. I have verified that I can use FSA funds for it. But I am overwhelmed by that as well. I live in an old dusty rental house and am willing to spend money on a filter if it helps me breath. But I don’t know how to tell what is hype about these products and what is real. Right now I am considering the MinusA2 by Rabbit air. (WWW.Rabbitair.com) and an ultra-pureair…(www.ultra-pureair.com.) Does anyone out there use a air purifier? What do you use? How does it work? Does anyone know anything about either of these two products? Sorry this message is so long…but thanks in advance for any help.


hey, sorry to hear you are having such problems. I have the IONIC from Sharp. I removed my carpet and drapes from the bedroom. I use a Latex mattress to avoid the mite allergens and I use mattress covers any way. Pillow covers too. The air filter I have does a great job and makes a HUGE difference. All you have to do is clean one to realize the amount of dust and allergens it removes. Air quality outside is always a factor. Be sure your fireplace vent is closed when not in use or you can get outside allergens in your house that way. I use Advair and my Inhaler. Using the inhaler correctly is a big deal. The Dr’s office never really showed me. I learned from the school nurse where I taught.
It’s important to use it right. Thank goodness I don’t need a sleep apnea mask. I do not have that problem. I really feel for you.
sending you good clean air~ hug Change your AC filter often!!