Heroes, Patriots, Sacrifice and Gratitude


I wrote this in reflecting on the anniversary of that dreadful day six years ago, 9/11/01. I wrote it because so much is focused on the immediate and obvious losses of so many innocent and courageous people. I just don’t think enough attention is given to the ones who are still fighting for their lives-not the widows, widowers and children left behind but those who lost their health and lives from the recovery efforts after. I know enough to know that GWS and WTCS are similar, if only that the information and assistance is still scant, as is recognition and help from the very people the sacrifices were made, our government and nation as a whole. I don’t think it is as much from a lack of caring as it is that when “they” don’t know what to do, you tend not to get much attention and focus. I dated a GW vet, so I have an idea… Powerlessness is not something anyone accepts easily. Until it is you, and your health depends on others expertise and skills and the answers just aren’t in the books or the funding set aside . . .

That being said, while this is about a day six years ago,
it is also a sort of tribute to all of our nations best of the best. (That’s you guys!)

~For all our Nation’s patriots and heroes, all the loved ones lost in that terrible day of consummate violence and hatred. For all those who by superhuman acts of bravery were also lost–whether in the air or on the ground, those responding to the needs of others and placing their own lives in jeopardy no matter what the cost. For those who are suffering still today as a result of absolute selfless acts of courage in a time of desperate need. For those left behind to mourn. We stand in awe of such strength and keep you in our prayers.

For those patriots and heroes in our Armed Forces whose lives have also been forever changed since that fateful time . . . A grateful nation remembers. And prays for peace~

May God grant you peace as well.

In gratitude,