Hey- new person!

Hey guys!!
I’m dyslexic…have known sinse year 11 but its only now at college I’m having serious problems. Espeshially in lectures- I use a dictaphone but I was just wondering iff anyone else has any tips to help?? Coz I cant consentrate for that long and I just turn off!!

Thanks!!! :smiley:

I think you are brave to be here and talk about it. I have been dyslexix since the foutrh grade and I am 47 now. I have never driven and peoiple don’t understand why now, I also have problems with mobility and that is another story. I would like to tell you hello and you can privately email anytime. I am living on my own for the first time in my life with my two cats. I did go to college for a year byt I was in the dorm. I have never had a friend like this. Would you like to be mine and I you?

Hey musicblonde

I know how you feel. I am also dyslexic and in college. The best accommodations that work for me are having a notetaker and taping my class lectures. Have you tried either of these. Also do you get any testing accommodations? I am finding some of my classes hard because of my dyslexia and not having a tutor that will help me with my classes.


hi, i just wanted to butt in a moment to say i think anyone who goes to college being dyslexic is courageous. i went many years ago and couldn’t handle it. well, then i also got married two years later and didn’t know i was at that time anyhow. i can’t go back and change the past. i always wanted to hide it. maybe nowadays being dyslexic isn’t like it was when i was growing up back in the late 1960.s and early 1970’s, i mean i am 47 now.

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Hi, I am 47 and both of my daughters (9 and 19) and husband are dyslexic.
My 19 yo in college is having trouble keeping up, and even though there are
resources, it is still difficult (mind you she is going for early childhood,
special needs). I had started learning to do the Davis Dyslexia Correction
method, and saw merit in it, but due to politics, they are not letting me
continue. There are many programs out there to help: compensatory skills, too many
to mention… Best of luck to all…

Elaine D. Wiener
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