HFI & becoming dizzy

Does anyone have momentary dizzy spell? could I be low blood sugar? Susanw

This used to happen to me when I had chai (Indian tea). Once I cut it out of my diet the spells stopped.

Maybe you’re have something you’re sensitive to and haven’t realised?

It does sound like it could be low blood sugar. I have HFI and I have to maintain a certain level blood sugar level, but its hard with the diet that we are on. When you have a reaction to fructose it also causes you to become hypoglycemic and that will make you dizzy and worse. Its good to carry Glucose tablets, then if you feel alittle down have some of those. They look like giant sweet tarts.

Crackers come in handy too.

I find with my son that when he ‘crashes’ and we give him sweet tarts or something that he spikes and crashes again, but that crackers hang with him longer and still gets his BS back up quickly.