Hi, I'm new to this group, diagnosed two years ago


I’m new here and just wondering if anybody has a wonder drug out there for this damnable disease. My skin is ok for the time being but my mouth is terribly sore though I have a cortisone mouth gel to use twice daily, and I get sick and tired of that as it tastes bad and coats my teeth with a gummy like substance…


Hi Blue Copper:

Cortisone may not be strong enough to effectively treat lichen
planus. Fluocinonide (a medium-to-strong steroid that is frequently
used to treat LP of the skin)is available as a mouthwash that you
swish around and then spit out (after which you refrain from eating
and drinking for a while).

There is lots of excellent medical advice available at
www.tambcd.edu/lichen, which is the International Lichen Planus
Support Group run by the Baylor College of Dentistry at Texas A&M
University. Given it’s source (a dental school), it is a particularly
useful resource for people with oral lichen planus. You’ll find tips
on teh most effective way to use various medications, there might be
something there that will help you endure the cortisone gel.

But I’d suggest seeing if you can get an Rx for the fluocinonide
mouthwash as it may work better for you (not that I’m a doctor!).

Good luck!

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Thank you for your response. I will ask my dr. to prescribe the mouth wash. Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t usually get too many skin lesions and if i do, the cortisone ointment usually takes care of it, so far anyway.


You are very welcome!

There is a very active LP group through Yahoo:


If you need help finding it/figuring out how to sign up, let me know.

Did I mention the online support group (NOT peer support, but solid
medical advice from dentists and doctors) at www.tambcd.edu/lichen?

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i have been chatting with peers at immunesupport.com but have not found any lp.i was looking for lp chat. kim