Hidden ingrediants

do they always list things like carmal color, malt flavorings and such, and modiified food starch in the ingredients list on food products?

In the United States, all ingredients have to be listed. Ahh but here’s the problem. There can be several generic names that are listed that aren’t specific. For example: sugar could mean cane sugar but it can also mean liquid sugar which is cheaper and made from corn and wheat. Maltodextrin is fairly clear but any word ending in ‘dextrin’ relates to a wheat by product.
I always look for the specific ingredient (e.g cane sugar) on sorbet or cold drinks to make sure I’m safe.
Oh, by the way, naturally sweetened doesn’t mean anything. As far as they are concerned wheat is natural so fruit sweetened is more specific.
Oh and one other little tidbit, I found out the other day, while eating at a salad bar. I went to sprinkle salt on my food. I read the back of the iodized salt packet and it said it contained dextrose. Who knew?
I guess we can never stop checking. Sneaky buggers.