Hip pain / Joint Pain?

Hi, I am new to dercums…only been suffering for about 5 years so my symptoms are not as bad as most of you. I had a severe pain in my hip just below my lower back at 3:30 this morning…the pain started at the hip and radiated down my leg to my foot…it was so intense, I turned white…felt nauseated and thought I was going to pass out…this lasted an hour before it started to get better. I haven’t started any pain meds yet, because I thought my pain wasnt that bad yet, so I doubled up on the ibuprofen and it has eased enough that I can walk to go to work today…Does this sound like anything any of you have experienced with dercums…or do you think I have something else going on here.
Thanks for any imput

Sweetheart, I know how bad that feels. That sounds like Sciatic pain. Do you feel too sometimes like someone is pinching your rear really hard?

That is very interesting, I was just going to write about a right side abdomen pain that is also in the hip area. I have had this for years now my daughter gets it. It seems that it is in the muscle and will send terrible pain around then down part of my leg.

At one time I went for ultrasound they found what they said “a cyst” on my ovary size of grapefruit. Now I wonder if it wasn’t DD. I had that removed but I still get this pain. Another time I had all kinds of MRI, ultrasound, and nothing came up. The pain eventually just goes away. But when you have it you can barely walk. I think it may also to do with these Mouse Backs.

I had a terrible car accident in my 20’s and developed a severe tenderness in my lower back, all the x-rays only showed a minor arthritis if anything. They said that it was so minor ,they doubted if that was the pain. But with the info. on Mouse Back fits it to a T.

lso when I gain weight on my stomach the area has a painful pull to it. Well sorry to just go on ,but that was just what I was going to ask. My daughter has really suffered with it and it just comes and goes.

Thanks for your time Sha Sha.

Barbrrr, that sounds like Sciatica. Miserable. I had an attack of it yesterday.


Is the pain in the hip joint or in the lower abdomin near the joint? I think it sounds like sciatica also, but I had pain in my lower abdomin that ended up being a teratoma tumor that was twisting and cutting off the blood supply to my leg when I was in certain positions. The way you describe the pain it sounds so much like the pain I experienced… pain down the leg that brings you really near the pass out stage! Oh but I am just sharing my experience, I hope you see a doctor soon… it could be something very serious.

Hi Barb…I am so sorry that you have DD and I am glad you are in this group and hope you find some help. My very worst pain (and I don’t think it is DD) is where your butt dimples are kind of…off the each side of your crack…it is the periformis muscle and it is very common to have unremitting pain in that area.The sciatic nerve which is the largest nerve in the body is supposed to go around the periformis muscle but sometimes it goes through the muscle and gets rubbed raw all the time when you move…I would love to get surgery on it. I read that when they open you up they can see where the nerve is all shredded. I wish I could just stab it with a big knife. An exercise you can try is to pull your knee toward the opposite side of your body and hold it…that pulls on the muscle and stretches it…You can put a towel around your leg to help pull it if you can’t reach like me…today in the pool I was using a pool foam noodle to pull it over…Of course aliens are all over the area also…I feel for you! Hugs, Grandma Sylvia

Thank you all for the response, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but my internet connection got all goofy. Any the pain was in by hip more toward the back just below my lower back and just above and to the left of my butt crack. It has not hurt me since that morning…which lasted about 3 hours but the muscle in the area has been sore to the touch since then, but that could have been caused by me rubbing the area when the attack is going on. And it might have been sciatca, I will mention it to my doctor next time I go.
Thanks Barb

Grandma Sylvia, I have trouble with my periformis muscle too, it cramps up so bad sometimes I can hardly stand it.

Barb, that is exactly where the sciatic nerve pain would be most intense. It feels like someone jabbed a big knife into the paraformis muscle and then the pain shoots down your leg. I am suffering with that right now, so the memory is fresh.

Hugs and spoons’

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