Homeopathic remedy


Has anyone heard of this homeopathic remedy or better yet tried it?



I’d love to hear of someone who’s been cured/helped by this person. I’ve tried homeopathic treatment but it didn’t help in my case, but that may be because my homeopath didn’t find the right remedy. > To: carmelrose@hotmail.co.uk> From: lplanus-cpt7260@lists.careplace.com> Subject: [lplanus] Homeopathic remedy> Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 22:10:01 -0500> >

 Has anyone heard of this homeopathic remedy or better yet tried it?

I just wanted to share with you all a “remedy” of sorts for a lack of a
better term. Last few years I have had more stress in my life due to having
2 jobs, a house full of teens, beginnings of “mentalpause” symptoms and
caring for my dieing mother etc. I am well aware that “stress” itself does
not cause LP, however stress can trigure and make it worse. A friend
recommended a product called Maca for stress related issues which I
purchased at the healthfood store. It worked wonders for me, in so reducing
my stress by reducing my houseful to only a few and dropping one job, my
mother passed and started taking Maca. With all these combined I now control
my LP, I have very slight minimal outbreaks when I haven’t kept up my Maca
daily (am forgetful) but soon it gets under control again with Maca. I know
this is NOT a cure for LP but, it does help me to keep things CALM and that
helps me to control it. I’m not saying this is the be all and end all by any
means but if some of you are going through similar situations I hope this
might help you. You can google Maca to view about this herb. It’s also very
important to recognize what’s going on your life and try address how you’re
reacting to it, but without Maca not sure where I’d be today, I’m completely
clear right now and I had it everywhere.


Thanks mmmm,
I totally agree stress is a major player in so many health matters. My tongue has calmed down the past couple days (perhaps due to some good rest), almost looks normal but still with scallops/ridges on the sides. My tongue’s appearance seems to change from day to day. Is this true for olp, that the appearance changes from day to day? I haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Also, the other day when my tongue was so bad, I was desparate for a biopsy right then and there (of course it was the holiday and everything was closed). A few days have passed, I’ve gotten some real good rest, and the tongue looks much better. I’m wondering, in your opinions, would a biopsy still be beneficial when it now looks so much better? I’m guessing a biopsy, whether the tongue is in some kind of flare-up or not, is in order.

And last, I didn’t search Maca yet, but I’m thinking it’s also called Maca Root. I know it’s suppose to be really good for menopausal symptoms (hot flashes!).