Hope you are doing everything with courage, my dear friend?

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for letting us know the recent developments about your health. Oh, my god, so many tests, so many procedures, so many hereditary problems, so many things to handle in addition to the stupid CP pain. I don’t know how you do my friend! I wish I can say that, I have a magic wand and with it remove all your problems. But that’s just hypocrisy. If I tell you that I can understand what you are going through, I don’t think I’m being honest with you. Because I can understand the CP pain and all the things that we go through because of that stupid disease.

I can definitely say that you are such a brave woman. In spite of going through so many problems, facing every day so many things, you don’t know what to expect in one day you still try to be so positive. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe and need oxygen, sometimes it’s bleeding and don’t know why it’s happening and losing lot of blood, so scary and makes you frightened who knows what it can do, as if all these problems are not enough there are lumps in your breast my dearest friend! How do you take all these things? Do you have special powers to handle all these things? NO!

Is there any choice than facing and try to handle things than just give up? Please don’t get mad when I keep saying how are you doing all this? I know how you feel when someone says that, because lot of people say that it’s hard for them to handle couple of days fever or if they get some bug and they don’t know how am I handling for so many years such excruciating pain? Sometimes I want to ask them do I have any other choice? If there is any please tell me.

You are a wonderful person. If your CP pain is very bad please take the pain medicine to get comfortable and forget the weaning of medications for a while. To ask anyone who is going through so many things and so much pain but still try to reduce the medication I think that’s too much.
So, right now you have to take enough pain medicine to keep the pain under control so that you can concentrate on other problems too. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Please Lisa I don’t know how you are dealing with all these things but do not try to control the pain medication right now because you need it at least to get relief from major excruciating pain among all other problems.

Sorry I’m sending you delayed reply. You know I’m going through lot of pain in addition to tube site unbearable pain. No medicine works for it. I think normal pain killers work for it but I don’t want to take any more as I’m taking lot of pain killers already and that’s what the doctors also felt. So, I have to take it easy. And I’m getting ready for the shows. Just a few of them. I did already one and it went well but totally exhausted.

Take good care of yourself my dearest friend. And please let us know how you are doing.

Dear friends of Care Place I don’t know whether you all got the email from Lisa or maybe some of you got it. I think she didn’t put the post because it’s changed and it doesn’t say create new topic of discussion. It took a while for me to figure out, to post I have to do ’ ask a question.’ I’m guessing that might be the problem for Lisa too.

I know some friends are going through multiple health problems in addition to CP and for those who are going through same kind of situation I think it’s easy to understand how hard it is to deal with so many problems at the same time.
So, I request who are struggling with just CP like me, I know it’s too much and it has ruined our lives but when we compare with others who are dealing multiple problems I think we are very lucky and we should extend all our support for those friends who are going through more than one health problem.

Some of you must have already sent private messages to Lisa but who haven’t received the email please try to extend your support for her and also all the other friends who are in the same situation. It’s overwhelming for them. And when someone sends their support and love it means a lot to them. I think we all understand that because we do support each other and when we are not feeling well and if we get so many hugs everyday from all the friends and messages showing concern like recently happened to me, it just made me feel like I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends and that is the best treasure in the world than any treasure.

Dear friends I want to ask you in the journey of life is there any better ship than friendship?

Love you all and I Thank You for all your wonderful friendship.

Lisa, we are all with you and keep the positive outlook to keep going.

Hope you all have more and more pain free days!

Lots of love and hugs,