How do i move on

last month on 17th of august i find out that my little girl had anencephaly i was 19weeks and 4 days when i terminate pregnancy i was so heart broken i didnt even wanna hold her its only been a month but i just dont no how i can move on my partner want to try to have another baby but i just cant find it in my heart to do so can some1 please help

I know this sounds way off, but it really will get better- it’s not a progr=
essive incline, more like a rollercoaster pattern when one day you’re feeli=
ng like the old you and the next you feel like you regressed all over again=

  • you just have to find your “new” normal- life just won’t be the same agai=
    n, but that’s not a bad thing either. I couldn’t fathom being pregnant agai=
    n, yet the same time knew we wanted more and that it may ease the pain- we =
    got pregnant four months after and I gave birth to her a month ago and she’=
    s totally healthy ptl!!! I was paranoid the whole pregnancy and wouldn’t le=
    t myself get excited until she was out of me and I could really see she was=
    okay… It does help to have a baby following, not right away b/c you do =
    need to let yourself go through that hellish grieving process, but I promis=
    e you it will get better- I’m SO sorry you’re going through this- I wouldn’=
    t wish this on anyone… there’s just no word for a parent losing
    their baby and no one really gets the pain but one who has been down that =
    road… keep your faith- it was my rock…

Kelly Niergarth
"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said=
." -Peter F. Drucker

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