How do u cope with the pain

well i have been in pain now for over 15 years and i have learn to handle it threw gods help . but i know not every one belives the way i do i have read books and been to pain doctors , but i would like to no how other people deal with the pain they fill every day . well i would like to no how they handle their anger and their feelings when people say its all in your head . well i would just like to know how other handle these feelings in their life

                                     thank you babyrenee

I take pain meds, I gripe and complain. Sometimes I do something to get my mind off of it. I don’t have any magic answers. I believe that God can help a person through anything, I talk to God all the time. He probably think I am a nut. Haahaa…
My husband has degen. disk disease. so he is understanding.
My Dad tells me it is in my head sometimes, I think he just does it now to tease me, because he knows that Mom hurts all the time and he has become helpful to her. Doctors have treated me that way, like it was in my head I just dont go back to them. I have only been hurting for about 7 years now.
My Mom has been hurting for 20 years. She dont take any pain meds, she drinks beer when it gets too bad. That is worse because it flushes the calcium out of her bones. She dont understand that she is making herself sicker. I know the reason that she dont take pain meds is because she thinks it would interrefere with her beer drinking.
Sorry. I know you didnt want to hear me complain about my mother and her alcoholism. But that is how some people deal with pain or anything else in their lives that they cannot deal with.

Hi all,

I’ve felt the same anger and feeling alone with fibro, sjogrens and plethora of other ailments. It’s groups and web sites like this that make me feel not so alone.

As for the pain, my pain meds help somewhat but I just suffer through. Stress is a big problem with our condition. If you can alleviate some of the outside stress, that helps too.

After 3 years I finally won my social security disability case which, has taken quite a bit of stress out of my life. It doesn’t help when you’re sick and can’t pay bills too. Now that stress has been alleviated.

As far as people telling you it’s all in your head, you’ve got to turn a deaf ear to them. Family members are the worst! What’s makes things even worse than that, is when you have a flare and are asked, “what did YOU do” to bring it on.

Most of the time I wish I lived on an island and didn’t have to deal with others.

Hang in there, you are NOT alone.

You should probably specify an island alone—can you just imagine an island with all the fibromyalgia sufferers on it. UUUgh. That’s an ugly vision, huh. As much as we suffer and don’t feel like doing much, we’d have an overgrown island with probably no shelter, etc…because we wouldn’t feel like building it. : ) JK. I watch Survivor too much, I guess…but when I read the last comment, the image just popped in my head of an island of people like me and I though S-C-A-R-Y!!! but I do know what you mean about just being on an island away from it all.

I can so relate. I think people can be so unfeeling.
It is not in my head and no I can’t deal with everyday
stresses. So sue me! I really related to your post.
Thanks for writing.

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I remember when my GP was sending me to dr after dr trying to find out what was wrong with me. I was so frustrated…thought I was going crazy…thought I was just worthless and lazy. Hmmmm sounds like a song {giggles}. Suffered through test after test…cramming my “womanly” body in that MRI tube for anorexics. lol! I’m a police officer…so I have lots of physical and mental stress…not to mention a couple of ex’s and a current that doesn’t understand the pain of fibro. Trying med after med…gaining more weight each time. Other spinal problems and muscle spasms comingling in with the fibro. I was at a specialist one time early on and I had a whole list written down of my symptoms…before I knew what fibro was…I was excited to be seen by this specialist…was so wanting to know…what I had…wanted to be “fixed”. He was in the room a total of two minutes. Didn’t even ask me any questions. He stood there…looked over the paperwork from other drs and my chart and said…Enjoy the good times and medicate through the bad!..and walked out. I was devasted and cried all the way home. That was over 10 years ago…and looking back that’s probably the best advice I had gotten. Was finally “diagnosed” with fibro about 2 years ago. Side effects of cholesterol meds make my muscle spasms worse in my neck and back. Insurance won’t approve more that 60 mg of Cymbalta a day. They won’t approve the Lyrica at all. I’ve been on two months of samples for the Lyrica…just quit them two nights ago…and I’m dreading what pain was eased by it coming back. I take tizanidine and diclofenac every night with the cymbalta and trazodone and lortab when I can’t stand the pain any longer. When I’m able to muster enough energy after working a full shift to exercise I do feel better. Massages really help with the stress, tension and pain from fibro…my experience with physical therapist was that it was a waste of time. Thanks for letting me vent. I’m so glad that I’ve found this site. It is helping me on so many levels and with so many issues. I wish everyone a pain free day!

Hi all,

I havent actually been diagnosed with fibro, my sister has it and i suffer exactly the same symptoms, I am in pain every day, I am also overweight and I have Dercums Disease too. I take pain meds 4 times a day, along with and anti-depressant and amatriptaline on a night. Thats how I get thro my day, I have lots of moments when all i want to do is cry. i keep my chin up and carry on. I to still have to work, I have a sit down job in which i observe CCTV in my town, and sitting hurts…lucky i work with understanding people.