How do u know how bad the pain is?


i know this may seem like a strange question… but how do u judge how severe ure pain is?

i get pain at various points of the day, different places in my body, different kinds of pain. i get what i call “mini cramps” in my feet.

its sore, but not excrutiating. i can get up and do things ( i work f/t in a bar) but im just really stiff all the time.

i just cant help thinking that what i expereince is different from most ppls.


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I think that everyone as their own level of pain tolerance. You can only
rate your own pain scale. If one is negligible pain and ten is go to the
ER, then that is the levels that you gauge yourself by. I keep track in my
daytimer of pain and fatigue levels, I score them both in the morning and at
night. I found it helped me identify the sources of my pain, like doing too
much and it helped me communicate with my doctor about how things were
going. Sometimes with chronic pain, it can all seem like a blur, what I wake
up with hurting, is not necessarily what I go to bed with hurting.;>

One of the first symptoms that I experienced was cramping and pain in my
feet. It was much later that I found out that in addition to the lupus, I
have Reynauds too and my feet were turning white and then cramping, but
unlike my hands that even other people could notice, I couldn’t see what was
going on because of my shoes.:>:>

I have had a lecture from my doctor, more than once, that pain is trying to
tell me that something needs to change. I do use pain medication but I also
utilize rest and finding new ways to do things, like getting a cordless
Black and Decker scrubber to clean with, so my arms and back don’t get such
a painful work out while cleaning.

After more than 5 years of dealing with the pain, it is still a constant
battle to find the right balance between what I want to do and what I can
do. It seems like I am in constant reassessment of my life, but the upside
is that I am in constant reassessment of my life, Isn’t that what everyone
has to do to grow.

Gentle Hugs,

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I like what you told me about how to identify the pain and how to number it to remember. I often get to the doctor and I dont know what to tell him . Thank you for the gentle hugs! It is nice to know you would not be one of those who hugs real hard and pats on the back really hard that I just want to slap real hard. I am in the middle of moving to a new town and haven’t had much time for the internet lately except to check on legal paperwork. Your note caught my eye. Thank you and I hope I will be through with all the moving soon and back to talk to people at careplace.

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Good luck with the move Cammie!!
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I hope your move goes well, be sure and rest, I know it is hard to do when
you have so much going on. I move 3 years ago, right after having carpal
tunnel surgery on both hands…I know of what I speak.:> I have such
problems with my memory, keeping track of my scores each day helped
tremendously, it seemed a little OCD but by now I am used to the funny looks
that I get when I walk into the doctor with my own chart. :>

Air Hugs,

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Good luck with the move, try not to over due it. You don’t want to go into a full flare up.