How I am going to try to pay for IVF

I have spent thousands of dollars paying for fertility treatments over the last 4 yrs. My DH picks up extra shifts about 3 nights a week and I am working as much as I can we are still trying to catch up. I just Failed my first Ivf cycle. ( our eggs were doing great we were good to go for a day 5 transfer. I had 6 grade one eggs on day 3 and day 4 they let them rest day 5 I am ready for the transfer full bladder and all. The dr came and told me all my eggs stopped growing. Happen to anyone else?) Now we want to try again our Dr said 3 months.

I am going to try this. I have nothing to lose.

Hi, I am sorry you are going throught this. A friend of mine has also undegone ivf at top rated ivf clinic in Gdansk, cos of friendly-pocket prices.

Hi! I’m so sorry about your infertility. Infertility is very common nowadays. It breaks the person. It crushes all of the drams and emotions. But we should never lose hope and should look forward towards a better future. IVF is a convenient method but has not been proved successful. You have spent plenty of your money and wasted a lot of your time. As you have told that you failed your first IVF so you should not go again for it. You should prefer surrogacy. Surrogacy has a high success rate. There are many success stories regarding surrogacy. There are many affordable and trustworthy clinics in Europe. They will not let you leave unsatisfied. Wish you the best of luck dear

hey, there dear! I am really proud of you. I am sure it took you to come down to a decision of IVF or surrogacy. But now that you have decided and are looking for some positive help and advice. then I can be of some help to you dear. I have a clinic that I refer to for all my help. Trust me it is going to be very beneficial for your treatments. They have one of the best panels of doctors in the town. Just try them and I am sure you will feel glad and satisfied. All the very best with IVF.