How long can remision last?

my daughter at age 14 ,had very acute symptoms of bechet’s almost 3 years ago.after one short round of predisone,she has been w/o symptoms for over 2.5 years,except for dizziness/shortness of breath when excersizing/attempting to run.(when she was diagnosed they said she had evidence of serositis on her chest x-ray.)
can one go this long without a flare?She has to take one remaining mandatory PE class in order to graduate,which require her to run a mile,unless she has dr.s excuse.should I have her just go for a repeat chest x-ray,or see a specialist?how long can one go without a flare?

I am fairly new in my diagnosis but from everything I have read and what my dr. has told me remision can last anywhere from six months to the rest of your life so my suggestion would be to have your daughter get regular check ups for the BD. I hope she never has a flare up again. Mine are very severe when I flare and I always have all the symptoms inbetween flares. There is a book that might be helpful in explaining the things she should watch out for it is called “The Essential Guide to Behcet’s by Joanne Zies” You can check it out at your local library. Hope this helps, Denise

my flares were every 4years almost to the day from '81-'91. wierd. but during the down time I spent time rebuilding muscle and cardio and not to forget bone!
you have to exercise!!
So flare #1. 9/81-83 #2. 9/85-87 #3. 9/89-91

Thank you for your informative reply.I was beginning to think perhaps she was misdiagnosed 3.5 years ago,even though she had all the symtoms during her flare.I did read somewhere that when you have symtoms of bechets when you are young,there is a strong possibility that there might be a significant lag time before the disease appears again.

Gald I could be of some help. Denise