How long has everyone been diabetic

Just wondering how long everyone has been Diabetic either TYPE 2 with me I was diagnosed on Valentine’s Day 2002 so … it’s been 5 years for me so what about all of you …

My husband has been diagnosed for about five six years. I think he as had it for longer.

I was dianosed as border line diabetic 1997
In 2001 I was told that I was a type 2
In january I went to the hospital and they started me on lantus insulion 6 units per day now I’m up to 32 units and my BG is running between 108 and 225.

I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. I was boarder line before that. It really has affected what I can do and seems like I can’t lose any weight anymore. Any suggestions. I try to eat lower carb and do eat good food.

does antone have nueropathy?

OOH YESSS!!! Mine is not quite to the nueropathy yet, but I have arthralgia. That is the pain of arthritis with out the x-rays that show arthritis. Many with IBD deal with this. When I was on 60 mg of pred, I did have the nueropathy in my feet. Once I got off the prednisone, it SLOWLY subsided. I still have areas in each foot that have nerve damage. I have tried to explain to all of my Drs what pred does to diabetes. It took 3 drs to find a GI that cared about the whole body, including diabetes. The first 2 did not care that their treatment was throwing me into huge sugar numbers, up to the 800s. Now my A1c is 6.8 and I’m not on insulin all day long. I do use it as needed.

puck, I will look you up and see if any of my treatments might help you. I hope that you find peace in your body soon,

Ive been type 2 for 5 yeaes

I was just diagnosed in October 2006.

Hi Everyone,

I just joined this evening. My name is Susan, I'm a 56 yo, newly retired, type 2, diagnosed in Oct 06. I have a family history of diabetes and stuck my head in the sand for years, never mentioning signs or symptoms. Mostly because.... I was terrified by the thought of needles. I'm taking advandamet each morning and evening and started Lantus 3 weeks ago. I'm definitely over my fear of needles and if I had known how much better I would feel, I'd have asked for insulin shots. My Lantus dose may need a little tweeking, but I'm optimistic that I will be able to tightly control my BG eventually.

Good Luck ALL,


Hi Everyone,

 I am a recently Dx Type II (one month ago) and am finding the whole experience a tad overwhelming at times. There is so much to learn, what with diets,  medications, BG's, etc. Nevertheless, I am progressing nicely and now have my sugars down nice and normal without the big spikes after meals. This has taken me an entire month to get here, trying various foods, and testing my BG many many times throughout the day.

 Looking forward to sharing my experiences, and learning from those the Members wish to share.


Hi All,  I was diagnosed in 2005 and was kinda in denial till I joined some discussion

groups.  I've learned alot and now am taking 1 medformin daily to see if that helps

keep my numbers in control.  When I wake up it is usually around 140's.  When I'm active during the day I find they are good numbers.  Of course I now stay away from

potatoes and rice and white pasta which make the numbers go sky high.  It's been a

learning experiece indeed and I know I still have lots more to learn about this T2.  Both my parents had it but of course I never thought I'd get it.  So now I am doing

what I can to control it.  Hope you all are having a good and healthy day!

I was scheduled to have an endometrial ablation in July 2001. As part of the prep they took my blood sugar. It was 240. They took it again with a different meter and got the same number. The GYN asked how long I had been diabetic. I said “I’m not”. We first thought it might have to do with stress, extreme pain etc. After a little research, I discovered that prednisone can attack the pancrease, which produces insulin.

Nobody in my family, on either side, is diabetic. I can only blame it on prednisone. I was about 25 pounds overweight, but the Drs said that was from the pred. I will never take pred again!!! (I know, never say never). I take 2mg of Glimepiride and a slow acting insulin before I go to bed.

When I was dx with Ulcerative Colitis, the Dr put me on 60 mg a day of pred. blood sugars soared. When I asked about diet for UC the Dr said"lean protien and mashed potatoes. (white foods, the thing that the diabetes dietitian said NOT to eat)

Sorry to be so long winded, this has been very frustrating. I even had a graduate nutrition class look at my history and they couldn’t come up with an answer other than lower the amount of calories.

UC~ lean protien and mashed potatoes

diabetes~ high fiber, fresh fruits and vegs, lean protiens

I guess I should only eat boneless, skinless unflavored chicken breast, probably organic, free range, HAPPY chickens!