How much exercise daily do you do?

I'm taking my doctor's advice and trying to get 30 minutes at least

3 times a week.  Ideally it's 30minutes 5 days a week.  With the nice

weather coming I've made plans with a girlfriend to go walking at the

park.  I need to make it a part of my everyday like brushing my teeth. 

I try to walk or ride my bike after lunch and dinner. I just can't get going early enough, to do either, after breakfast. Getting some sort of exercise after meals helps lower my BG by at least 40 points. One other thing, I sleep so much better now.



Can I do 2 x 15 minutes instead of 30 minumtes in one go? Or do I have to do it all at once?

 Someone once said that housework was an acceptqable replacement to exercise, is this true. IF it is I MIGHT one day get a clean house lol