How old was your child when diagnosed?

I’ve noticed a theme here- especially when reading the verbal thread- that the children start going to Speech Therapy later than my son (he started at 23 months). Is it because you were told it wouldn’t work until your children were older, or did you just get the diagnoses and/or therapy?
We are having a devil of a time getting our son Speech!

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My son was 3 when he was diagnosed. By then he was to old for some services. He was evaluated through our local school system and we went from there.He is 9 now.

onceagain wrote:

Mine got it when he was about 2 for a while, and then stopped till he was about 3 or 4. I didn’t know he had FX till he was 5, but I knew something wasn’t right, and so got him tested, and the therapists didn’t know that’s what he had but knew he needed all the different therapys. So he got them before he was actually diagnosed.

Hello, My son was diagnosed at 10 months thru Genetics. He did the Birth To Three program(awsome). Now at 5 he is currently in our local school system Special education program currently staffed with excellent CREC employees. I just learned that CREC has been axed and the program will be run by the school. Not a good choice for change.