How to get disciplined

I look at pictures all the time of people who weighed 2 and 3 hundred pounds, then suddenly they become disciplined dieters and work out, and drop hundreds of pounds. How do you get that disciplined. I weigh 204…more than I have ever weighed in my life. I know all the diet tricks, and do’s and don’t’s…my problem is how to get disciplined enough to stick with a regimine. And I have no motivation to exercise. My schedule is really screwy, so I may be up at 8 one morning, then up all day and night, and sleep all day, and not up til 3pm the next. Its hard to make any sort of routine for eating or working out on my schedule. Any suggestions?

hello i’m new here. do you know any good movies about weight loss?

I have found that most of these people who loose all this weight have basically woke up one day, looked in the mirror and hit rock bottom.

Now as for your schedule basically it doesn’t matter when you exercise as long as you do it. It doesn’t matter if it is at 8 am or 3 pm. Its not easy. I am horrible abolut it. I have no motivation either but I wait tables for a living so I figuer I get plenty of exercise lol…Hope this helps some


You need to realize how much better your life will be. Those people may have finally gotten fed up with not being the people they can be. You sound gorgeous on the inside. Unfortunately in our society we judge on the outside. Prove to your parents, ex’s, boss, that you deserve a fun, adventureous, healthy life. Start with a small goal. 5k is good. Then go to a “sprint” triathlon. Crossfit is a really good type of exercise style for people that have crazy schedules. Good luck. Muscles are made in the gym, six packs are made in the kitchen. In your fridge, throw out butter, cheese, pasta, bread, soda. Buy a bag of those brocoli, carrots, and cauliflower and eat five of those bags a week.