How were you diagnosed with BD?

I was just tentatively diagnosed with BD last month. My major symptom was horrible genital ulcers which went away after a week. My doc can’t officially diagnose me til they biopsy an ulcer the next time I get one. I’ve had tingling legs for 3 years and a sore knee for 2 months. Anyone else with similar symptoms/onset and if so when did you get another flare? I know no two people are alike. Just curious. Thanks! Jane

Hi, I’m sorry you have suffered these symptoms, I know what it is like as I had acute flares of genital ulcers for three years which led to numerous biopsies and blood tests which showed nothing. I was told it could be Behcet’s but that I would need to show more symptoms for a diagnosis. I have now developed eye problems which have led to a diagnosis of behcet’s. Happy to chat more…

Yip i no how it goes took me years for them 2 say it was BD, such a pain sumtimes, i now think my joints are playin up

They only diagnosed me once I developed the eye symptoms. Luckily I have no joint symptoms as yet but guess it is likely these may develop. Are you seeing a doctor regularly to manage all your symptoms? Sounds like you need to see a rheumatologist. Where are you living? My email is if you want to email me directly. Take care, Christina