Hows everyone doing?

Seems like the board moves slowly.. Would be nice to see more people post.. Even if its to say hey I'm OK or having a rough time or whatever...

I know that some of us have alot of time and look to see if there are any changes going on.. So what do you say??? Seems not many check out the chatroom either...

There are alot of times I just need someone to talk with to let me know I'm not alone with my feelings... Hope to see more post and alot more chat*S*


me too. hi!

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.  I’m a member of a few other forums that are much more active and informative.  People actually talk about their disorders, problems and seek advice from one another.  When I sign into the Chat, there’s nobody there.  Can’t chat to myself! LOL  Anyway, I’m here for now.

Glad to see one reply*L* I'm not here all the time but I do check a few times a day... I use to sit online all the time but had to brake myself of that habit*L*

Can find way too much trouble online if you have nothing else to do...


Glad to see yet another reply.. Maybe this just might work . where are you from?

Good for you Diana! Way to break through the silence!! I’m always a bit disappointed when there are no new postings. There’s a chatline here??? Boy am  I completely clueless…it would be really nice to get to know people better here, everyone seems so friendly.

hi from vacationland maine is it spring yet!!! we just got another 12" of snow yesterday the good thing is the sun is shining today whitch makes me feel good got out got some fresh air. just got my unemployment extention so now i can concentrate on school yea yea hope you all doing well

I agree...I check everyday to see if there is anything going on or not going on. I have gone to the chat room and found out I was the only one...why is that? I know people have alot to say but there not saying it.