Hows everyone feeling?

Sorry I have been away and haven’t checked the forum lately…
Things for me have pretty much been the same. I have noticed that my toes ache and burn more …Anyone else?Plus my headaches are always there now… Seem to go from one side to the other everyday… Would be nice to just wake up for one day and feel great wouldn’t it?

Yes, my elbow burns. My wrist hurts. I’ve had a headache since last week some time. The soles of my feet hurt when I walk. I’m getting used to it though, even tho a searing pain just hit my index finger! Oh well. if it stayed 24-7, I don’t think I could handle it - period.

My dr. put me on low-dose nalproxene (I think). I start taking it tonight. Look it up and you will be surprised what it is. I also found out today that my thyroid is very low. My regular dr. checks only the TSH levels, but this new dr. checked everything. So, now I’m on synthroid as well as cytomel. The extra benefit (I hope), is maybe I’ll lose 5-10 lbs.! I would also like to stop sleeping all the time.

What are you taking?


The only thing I take that would help me for pain is cymbalta … I am also bipolar and a under active thyroid … I have been for yrs. I did look to see what that med was for and I guess all sorts of things work in different ways…
I hope that works for you! I’m allergic to just about all pain meds so its pretty much tough it out for me…


I hurt from my shoulders all the way down to the soles of my feet. I ache. When I try to massage my muscles, it makes them burn like fire. I have always been an active person, and I am trying to remain that way. I have had cancer, in which I am recovering for 2 years now, I have FMD. I dont know if I have fibromyalgia, but I have 9 out of 10 symptoms. I am afraid of becoming a hypocondriac. I wonder if all the problems I am having is just the residual effects of the other diseases that I have. or maybe I am crazy and it is all in my head…

idk about anyone else, but i have felt like poopie for the past week goin on two now. idk if its the heat and humidity and then goin in and out of the air or not. i cant handle the heat. i almost have icicles hangin on the ceilin of our bedroom (poor hubby). i wouldnt blame him if he went and slept on the couch its soo cold in our room. but i have the advantage, i sleep on a timed heatin pad. anyways, i seem to b in some kind of funk here latly. cant pull myself out of it. too tired all the time, migraines, achy and sore all over (not an area is left out). my feet, well thats a whole big topic. im up on my feet about all day, and by the afternoon my bottoms of my feet r untouchable. idk. what causes this?

well, i hope that everyone feels better. ttyars.

take care all,

I had a hysterectomy 12 years ago, I quit taking hormones 7 years ago, sometimes I just break out in a sweat for no reason. My doc told me hotflashes should be over? Does any one with fibro break out in a sweat that doesnt have hormone problems?

I agree the the weather plays a very big part in how I ache… My legs feel like toothaches almost every night…The A/C seems to make it worse. I did find when I took a water class at a rehab where thier water was 102 degrees it helped alot. But I stopped before winter cause I knew being in hot water and going out and getting into a cold car would have make things bad…

Hope you both start to feel better soon…


Wow Kat! Did you just write my reply for me? Sure sounds like you could have! Same things going on with me as you. Especially the bottoms of the feet, right near the heals…and no, it’s not plantars facitus or bone spurs if anyone is wondering.

I can’t deal with heat either, but extreme cold really makes me freeze up, litterally. Going from warm to extreme cold like in the winter, going from a toasty warm house to 10 degree blowing snow outside will make my muscles freeze/tense up.
I also can not go into a cold swimming pool. The same thing happens. We have a pool and got a heater for it so I can do some water therapy on my own. If it’s a bit chilly when I get out, like in the evenings sometimes, I have to have a warm winter robe waiting for me to wrap up in as soon as I step out of the pool or my muscles freeze up.

When I freeze up I am in tremendous pain! I avoid big temperature changes as much as I can!

I can’t swim in cold water either… A few summers ago I would go to the pool and swim which felt good while doing so but after I sat for a few mins I hurt sooooooo bad and my whole body ached…so no more swimming unless its like 102 degrees… I’ve been having trouble with the heat also and then when you sit in the A/C your body starts aching…Its like I can’t win no matter what…
Seems my headaches have been worse too… Wow I sound like I’m falling apart… This sure does SUCK!!!
Well I hope everyone else is having a better time than me… Hang in there cause its all we can do!


Hello to all:

I have fibrom. & arthritis. Among that I have depression et al. I am on disability. I take Effexor, Motrin, Tramadol & Tylenol #3 for pain. I am stiff and painful in the AM. If the pain is bad I take Tramadol. If that doesn’t work I go for the Tylenol #3. If I could spend the rest of my life in a hot pool that would be great. Or a hotub pool. I go to massage when I really flare up. I also have Baclofen on hand. I want to get off the Effexor as my weight is 160lbs. I worry about the pain getting worse, but if I could loose some weight, that might help. It does worry me though. I want to try at least. My rheumatolgist, isn’t worth a damn. She doesn’t believe in pain medicine! Neither do these damned pain medicine doctors. I go to my internist for them. Usually I just take Motrin during the day. And the prescription drugs at night only. I don’t abuse them. Still, I don’t like the attitude of these damned specialists. You really have to stand up to them! I took Prednisone once, and that really helped the pain diminish, but that isn’t the answer either, long term. Anything to get a good nights sleep though. IT is very healing for this disease.


Sorry you are having a back time also… Have you ever read the book

What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Fibromyalgia.

Its by * R Paul St. Amand,M.D and Claudia Craig Marek

Its alot of work and not something I could stick too but it might help you.