Husband diagnosed with Retroperitoneal Fibrosis, need advice--

My husband has just been diagnosed with Retroperitoneal Fibrosis.

I would like to know about treat options - thank you in advance!

I’ve had rpf since 1990. I’ve had all the surgeries there is. I work in New York and would be happy to talk to you and help you out with any questions I can answer. Just let me know.

My husband they think has RF. He is 46 years old
lives in nyc
They are still figuring out what rode to take with him
he just had stents put in this ureters,
the doctors semm to be familiar with RF
They looked at various MRI’s ct scans sonogramsetc
thank you for answering
i am at a lose

Henry, did you have reconstruction of your uterors?

Cape Coral, FL

this past june I had and Ilial ureter done which is reconstructing a ureter
out of a piece of intestines.

I wish you well. I had both done in May, 2006. The left one is working
fine, but the right was compromised by one of the doctors here in town or the
one who did the uterural (moving and wrapping. A hole was put through to right
uteror and it atrophied and only works at 18%.

Love and prayers,

i would love to receive any information possible.
thank you for responding.