Last year I was diagnosed with VVS but after I moved to a new city and
went to a new gyn, she said that my problem was my hymen and
scheduled me for a hymenectomy. I was skeptical, but had it anyway
because I figured it couldn’t hurt and might actually help. I had the
surgery tuesday (6 days ago). I was in quite a bit of pain until
yesterday, when it started dying down a very little bit and started
getting horribly itchy. I’m hoping this is a good sign.

Has anyone else had a hymenectomy in their attempts to cure vulvar
pain? I think she did more then remove the hymen because there is an
incision below my vagina, through the frenulum of the labia. I think
this is causing most of the pain. It’s like she wanted to enlarge the
whole vagina and so she brought it down lower. I can’t get a hold of
my doctor to find out for sure why this was done and I’m just
wondering if it is a normal part of hymenectomy? I’m concerned about
a few things…mostly if I’ll be at risk for tearing since that skin
is not stretchy and is now in a V whereas normally it is somewhat
round and stretchy. I’m also worried about repercussions of severing
all the nerves that are in that area (still considered part of the
clitoral hood, even though it is at the bottom, if I’m not mistaken).

Does anyone have any knowledge in this area?