I can't Pee after my Interstim is removed.!

I had my interstim trial May 8,2007 and my implant May 25, 2007
June 1, I developed a staff infection and on June 3, the implant was removed.
I was in the hospital 7 days. while in there my Creatinine Level was very high “Kidney’s” And when I went home later that week I STOPPED peeing
So I was Re-Admitted in to the Hospital June 15, 2007 and was there 1 week
while there I could only pee 50cc - 100cc And the Nurses had to Cath me every 4hours. I still Cath every 4 Hours and have a Home Health Nurse that Caths me at least 2’s a day. Its hard to Cath your self when your so week like I am.
How ever I asked My Urologist why I can’t go pee he said he has NO idia
if its weather the nerves are inflamed are if he nicked the nerves are
I don’t now all I nows is
that after he removed my interstim I couldn’t pee.
I go see him this week I hope he has more ideas then last week.
I am getting mad … Has this happened to any one with the interstim before.???